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Music Class

Art-In-Relation Presents - Mister Maestro Music

Art-In-Relation presents a new education project, "Mister Maestro Music".  MMM will be holding a two week music summer camp for talented and interested youth, who also desire to be actors!


 Classroom music lessons will be presented and taught, and also recorded in a professional filming scenario.   These lessons will be combined with cartoons, other video shorts, and characters to create an engaging set of musical videos that will entertain, and educate. 

Students will learn music theory, history, vocal technique, cultural significance, and spiritual/life lessons through the use of only their voices and their bodies.  Kodaly musical techniques including hand symbols, and written music techniques will be used throughout.  

By the end of the 2 week camp students will be reading and writing music, and will have a vast knowledge of songs, styles, and techniques.

The produced videos, expected to be completed by 2025 will be a full series of lessons for grades 1-4!

Stay Tuned for MUCH MORE

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