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Art-In-Relation is thrilled to bring you

Broadway --> LA, "If I Could've Been"


Broadway --> LA is in its second incarnation as "If I Could've Been" a musical review of "dream songs" sung by performers who may never get to play the part that goes with the song.   Men will sing songs usually sung by women and vice versa, and all of the performers will perform material about that they might never get to play otherwise.   The plight of the actor will be explored as we entertain and challenge the audience to hear songs done in a different way.    With a cast of over 40, the program will be varied and include familiar favorites, as well as unknown songs always with a bit of a twist.  

 The beautiful Founder's Center in the Koreatown area near downtown LA will be the venue for this event for the second time.  With proceeds going to Art-In-Relation, a sponsored non-profit, and "The Fire" a music program for youth based in Founder's Center.

  There will be a silent auction of musical theater memorabilia and other collectable items as well as light snacks available for purchase.

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